Templates for foster parents created by FOSTERING FAMILIES

Staying organized as a foster parent can sometimes be tough! Since there are so many contacts, appointments and details to track, Fostering Families has created templates to help. Feel free to download the following, and customize as you wish!

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Questions to Ask When Child Placement is Requested
Placement Information Form 0-5
Placement Information Form 6-18

Questions to ask when receiving a placement request

Once you are licensed, you will begin receiving calls for placements! Before you accept a child into your home, here are some questions to ask to assist with your decision. We always recommend you grab a paper and pen to write down the information as you receive it.

Placement Information Forms

If you are about to receive a placement for a child, download this document and begin filling out the information you know. Speak with the child's social worker and other contacts to fill out the rest. Once complete, send to the child's social worker and your licensing worker. This information will hopefully make the child's transition easier, and put useful information at your fingertips!